Friday, October 31, 2008

Homefield Pride...Where Does It Leave Us

Upon disclosing the intimate nature of their relationship to corporate, Mike and Holly were informed that one of them would have to relocate. Holly agreed to move back to her old branch, and she made plans with Michael that they would visit one another every weekend. However, on the truck ride up to her new place, they began to realize that the journey was longer than they first anticipated. Feeling that the distance was too great, they decided to end their relationship, despite the fact that they appeared to have a strong bond with one another. Alternatively, they could have potentially made their relationship work by having one of them relocate to another company, while staying in the same town, however their jobs proved to be more important to them. Besides, even if one of them decided to give up their job, there is no guarentee that their relationship would have worked in the long run.

Back at the office, Dwight and Andy were at eachother's throats as Dwight maintained that he had applied to Cornell University (where Andy attended) and Andy tried to prove to Dwight that there was no way that the prestigious Cornell would ever accept him. Afterwards, Andy then pertended that he was a farmer (because Dwight was raised on a farm). These episodes serve as more silly antics that the characters are continually using to amuse themselves at work.

As far as University pride is concerned, I am proud to be a York Student, however, I do not feel that my school affiliation is the primary means through which I would choose to identify myself to others.

Funny Moment:
When Michael and Holly are driving to her new place with Darryl and they sing along to "Life Is A Highway"

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jjccjc said...

Two career couples often result in one partner having to make sacrifices for the other. Hopefully, these sacrifices would be recognized and appreciated.