Friday, November 14, 2008

Second Thoughts About Your Subject of Study?

This week, Michael, attended a conference in Winnipeg Canada. Since he was unfamiliar with Canada, he thought he would need a french translater so he brought Andy along. Michael's behaviour indicates that Americans are very unfamilar with their neighbours to the north. This brings to mind the recendent federal elections. It appeared as though Canadians were very interested in the outcome in America, in some cases perhaps more than they were concerned with the Canadian election. In contrast, American voted in record turn-out for their own federal election, but if you were to ask them about Canadian politics, the average citizen probably wouldn't have a clue.

Another major event this week was Pam coming home from art school. She failed one of her courses, and she would have had to stay an extra term to get her certificate, but she decided that art school wasn't for her. She went there in the beginning because she liked art and wanted to see if she could further develop her skills. The end outcome of this endeavour was that she learned it just was not for her. As a university student, this brings to mind the process of choosing a major. Before entering university, it is difficult to know which program you are best suited for. Frankly, it is very difficut to choose based upon the vague discriptions that are given in the course calendars. It is only when you are knee deep in that you really begin to see what your program of study is all about. Many students I know start to completely detest their program once classes are in full swing.

Funny moment of the week:
When Ryan decided to reestablish his relationship with Kelly and she broke off her current relationship with Darrel, only to have him respond with a text message saying, "That's cool"

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jjccjc said...

Picking a major is a difficult choice to have to make when you enter university. Luckily, in Arts and Science, most first year programs are general enough that you can make changes entering second year. However, by third year choice become limited and then degree completion and other alternatives at the post graduate level must be explored if a major change is desired. I guess education for education sake sometimes becomes the result.