Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Intervention

In this weeks episode, the Office staff had a christmas party. Meredith got very drunk and accidentaly set her hair on fire. Michael decided to stage an intervention, to try and cure Meredith of her alcoholism. He didn't get too much support from the rest of the office staff, so he decided to trick her into entering rehab by pretending that they were going to a bar.

Meanwhile at the office Phylis was demanding that Angela perform tasks to spruce up the holiday party. Angela refused, so Phylis told everyone that Angela was having sex with Dwight, even though she was engaged to be marrying Andy. All of the staff heard Phylis's announcement except Andy.

I really didn't find the subject matter of this weeks episode to be amusing in the slightest. There was nothing funny about Michael physically dragging Meredith into rehab, and the scenes at the office party lacked comedy. Jim's prank of wrapping up Dwight's desk seemed petty and repetitive, as he has altered that state of Dwights office supplies on multiple occasions.

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jjccjc said...

I also noticed tht this season of the office has not been as funny as previous seasons.