Friday, January 16, 2009

Surprising Situations

When Michael was called into the head office, he thought he was being summoned to account for a mistake. To his surprise, he was being congratulated for having the most successful branch. The chief financial officer tried to pick Michael's brain to find out the secret behind his success during these harsh economic times, but instead Michael uttered a prolonged unintelligible sentence.

In my experience, at some work meetings very little actually gets accomplished. A lot of the time, it appears as though meetings are merely called for the purpose of the team members seeing eachother face-to-face, to reinforce feelings of togetherness. I've been at several meetings where everyone just sat around bored with nothing constructive to do. While meeting with a superior, I find that the meetings run the most smoothly when participants are given the subject of the meeting beforehand so that there is time to prepare material and collect one's thoughts.

Also, during this episode, Andy discovered that Angela has been having an affair with Dwight. Andy was shocked to learn this news, and he promptly confronted Angela, who admitted that she was still sleeping with Dwight, "a little bit". Andy then confronted Dwight, and they decided to have a duel to determine who belonged with Angela. In response, Angela said, "I will respect the results of the duel".

I am glad that Andy has finally finished with Angela, because she never really seemed to love him. It appeared as though she was only in a relationship with Andy to get even with Dwight for running over her cat. Dwight also called off his relationship with Angela in this episode when he learned that she slept with Andy whilst she was sleeping with him. I predict that Angela and Dwight will eventually get back together sometime in the future.

Funny moment of the week:
When Michael wanted to tell Andy that his fiance was having an affair with Dwight, he asked Andy to accompany him to the parking lot. Michael waited until he was securely in his car with the engine on an then he blurted out, "Dwight and Angela are having an affair, they have been sleeping together for some time." then he drove away.


jjccjc said...

I have been in situations when everyone knows a secret about a person except that person. It does make for a very uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone. Although no one wants to do the telling in the long rum it is much better for all, including the deceived individual, once the information comes out. So even in Michael's cowardly way, he did the brave thing.

melissajane19 said...

I was shocked to hear that Angela had been sleeping with Andy -- was this something I missed before Christmas? Although it was only twice (if I remember right) it was the last straw for me with Angela. I liked her better with Dwight, but didn't like the that she was going through with the wedding. This info leads me to believe she was more intimately involved with Andy than I previously thought!