Friday, January 23, 2009

Deceptive Deeds

In this week's episode, Michael's boss asked him to obtain their competitor's client list, so Dunder Mifflin could increase their business. Michael took Dwight on an undercover mission to "Prince Paper", and they took turns going into the shop under false identities to try and trick the owner of "Prince Paper" into divulging client information. Eventually, Michael was successful and obtained the list, however, while exiting the parking lot, he smashed the front of his car, and the owner of "Prince Paper" came to the resue, so Michael began to second guess his actions taking advantage of the owner.

Michael showed his compassionate side in this episode, as he wanted to protect the "Prince Paper" company after they were so kind to him. Nevertheless, business decisons sometime involve letting someone down, in order to maximize personal gains.

Back at the office, the staff spent the day deciding whether or not Hilary Swank qualified as hot. When they could not settle the discussion with a vote, they took turns making arguments to support their position. Eventually, the tie was solved by a comment from Michael who passed by and said that she was hot.

I have worked in an office before, and I am familiar with the fact that there is free time in the day, but it is kind of wacky that "The Office" staff is able to devote so much of their workday to a nonsense discussion about Hilary Swank's appeal.

Funny moment of the week:
Dwight says: "You're heart is a wonderful thing Michael, but it makes some terrible decisions."
Michael: "That's true, it has gone down the wrong path many, many times - Jan, Ryan..."

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jjccjc said...

Dunder Mifflin's attemps to increase business in times of econmic downturn might invovle some unethical practices but when it comes down to it "survival of the fittest" will eventually determine the viability of any eneterprise. However, since this is a sitcom, the rules don't apply.