Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holly Hope

This week, Micheal continued his lecture circuit of the Dunder Mifflin branches, bringing Pam along as his assistant. She encouraged him that they should go to Holly's branch to do a presentation so that he could either get closure or rekindle the relationship. Upon arriving, Micheal learned that Holly was away from the branch on business, and that she has a new boyfriend, A.J. Micheal proceeded to inappropriately grill A.J. during his presentation. Afterwards, Michael went to her desk and noticed a file on her computer that was addressed to him. He burned the file to his USB key, and he cut a piece of her sweater sleeve for a personal momento.

Back at the office, Jim and Dwight were having great difficulty throwing Kelly a birthday party. They did a lousy job decorating and spelt her name wrong on the cake, much to her dismay. In the end, they let Kelly pick a theme for her party. She chose the theme of nap time and proceeded to sleep under the conference room table until Dwight woke her by banging metal lids together.

I found the whole birthday party story line to be quite amusing. At my previous workplace, it seemed like we were always having a party. They were enjoyable, however, they often detracted from productive work. This was highlighted in The Office, as Kelly was sleeping on company time. Although birthday celebrations are fun, perhaps they should be celebrated outside of working hours.

Funny moment of the week:
When Michael cut off the piece of Holly's sweater for a keepsake.

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jjccjc said...

It is interesting that Dunder Mifflin encouraged Michael to instrust the other branches on his successful sales techniques even though he was unsucceful in explaining to his boss what that technique actually was. Except for his ability to insult and humiliate everyone, including himself, no other technique was revealed.