Saturday, March 7, 2009

Valentines Vacancy

Recognizing that a preponderance of office staff lacked a Valentine on Valentines Day, Michael decided to throw a Lonely Hearts party where singles could mingle. Moreover, he was hoping that a certain lady he met at the mobile blood bank would show up. She did not appear. The office staff wasn’t wholeheartedly in the spirit of the party, as Dwight tried to turn his potential suitor into a client to no avail.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam had a couple’s meal with Phylis and her husband, only to have Phylis and Bob leave them during the meal so they could express their love to one another in the handicapped washroom. Jim and Pam were shocked to learn this, and they didn’t quite know what to say upon the resumption of their meal.

Whenever I go out to meals, it is usually encouraged that friends can take fries off each other’s plates. It was surprising and funny to see Pam bite into Bob’s steak when he left the table.

Funny moment of the week:
The office coworkers went back to the blood bank for the sole purpose of getting free cookies. They pretended to still be woozy from giving blood, however they had cotton balls over their supposed blood wounds, when the blood bank has been using band-aids. Furthermore, as they tried to abscond with the cookies, Creed walked out with bags of blood.

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jjccjc said...

Valentine's day is a holiday that is celebrated by children or couples and pretty well leaves the rest out. Michael's attempt to celebrate with "the rest" met with the expected result. Perhaps some sort of occassion that marks individuality rather than attempting to join the valentine group would yield better results.