Saturday, March 21, 2009

Michael's Manager Misfortune

Michael prepared a special "C" shaped bagel breakfast to welcome Charles, the new manager, to the Scranton branch, with high hopes for their impending relationship. However, the manager had no interest in Michael's petty jokes and pitiful comedy routines, and he expressed displeasure with the way that he was running the branch. Charles was focused on maximizing productivity and dispensing with the silly nonsense that was so prominent. Michael was further upset when Charles disbanded the party planning committee that was supposed to be planning Michael's 15th Anniversary party. He was so distraught with Charles' changes to the branch that he went to David Wallace at corporate headquarters to complain. David promised Michael that he could still have his party, but Michael was so troubled that he quit right then and there.

It was not just Michael that got off to a rough start with Charles. When Charles arrived, Jim was wearing a tuxedo, because he was trying to make a statement about observing the dress code, since he had been singled out by Dwight as a dress code offender. Charles was not amused in the slightest, and he felt that Jim was a slacker who was making a mockery of the office.

The incidents that transpired on "The Office" bring to mind the fact that the atmosphere of the office is very dependent upon the leadership style of the individuals in charge. Michael probably falls at the far end of the lackadaisical spectrum, so it will be interesting to see how the office fares if Charles becomes a more dominant presence at the office. Perhaps the reason that the Scranton branch was so succesful was because of Michael's relaxed leadership style, so it would be interesting to see the effect of new management on the staff.

Funny moment of the week:
When Jim approached Charles to tell him that he was the number two in the office and he held the position of assistant to the regional manager. Charles asked if there were any responsibilities that went with the title and Jim said no. It was comical when Charles said in a incredulous manner "you want to keep this made up position"


jjccjc said...

Clashing management styles is always difficult for the subordinates. In this case, Michael eliminated the problem by removing himself. Dunder Mifflin without Michael is sure to be a very differnt place. It will be interesting to see how he manages to work his way back in to the company and eliminate Charles.

Mimi said...

Finally! Someone calls Jim out. I kept waiting for that to happen.

And I forgot the poster! I'll bring it next week. (Sorry)