Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quitting Quandary

After giving in his two week notice, Michael astounded the office coworkers as he became even more goofy and annoying than usual, topping his typical degree of disruptive inappropriate behaviour. As Charles, the manager, interviewed external candidates to replace Michael as regional manager, Michael talked to a potential applicant and learned that there were very few job opportunities at the moment. Michael decided that rather than looking for a new job, he would start up his own "Michael Scott Paper Company." He then proceeded to approach the office staff members and he tried to convince them to join his company to little avail. Charles learned about Michael's activities and he had him escorted off the premises. Michaels crawled back in to make one more plea, and this time he was successful at getting Pam the receptionist to join his new company, with the stipulation that she would now be a salesperson. They walked off together in silence, likely pondering their drastic career moves, and lack of concrete plans for the future.

As an employee, there have been times where I have wanted to escape my job and move on to something better, however, I have learned to appreciate the fact that jobs are not always available, and at times it is best to just stick it out. Granted, Michael was upset about Charles' intrusion into the Scranton branch, however, it was quite foolish of him to quit with no real prospects for the future. I predict that he will be back at the Scranton branch before long.

Funny moments of the week:
When Michael tried to recruit Jim as a salesman for his new paper company Jim told him, "I am not going to do this and you are not going to either. Here's the thing, what I wish for you is that you land a job at a company that A) exists and B) has a salary because they are set up to do that kind of thing"
It was also funny to see Michael literally crawl back into the office after being walked out by security.

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jjccjc said...

I thought it was funny when Michael got Jim to close his eyes to learn about Micheal's plans for the Michael Scott paper company and the when he requested Jim close them again JIm refused saying" I did that last time and it didn't add anything to it".

I like the story line potential from Pam leaving with Michael while Jim follows behind wondering if this is some kind of joke. While reaffirming that he is leaning 100% towards staying with Dunder Mifflin.