Sunday, April 12, 2009

Entrepreneurial Excitement

Michael greeted Pam at his front door dressed only in his bathrobe, clearly not ready to greet the challenge of starting up his new business, “Michael Scott Paper Company”. Pam proposed that they compile a list to make the daunting task more manageable. Michael decided that they should begin by assembling a strong sales team. Still a Ryan fan, Michael went to the bowling alley where Ryan was currently employed and they recruited him without much difficulty. While leaving the bowling alley, Ryan stole several pairs of bowling shoes. Pam apologized to the owner as they left the establishment in a hurry. The next item on their to-do list was to secure investors for the new business. They visited a retirement home and Michael made an appeal to his grandmother’s investment club. After a brief moment of consideration, his grandmother turned him down with a definitive no. However, Michael did make some progress as he secured a location for the company. The space he found for “Michael Scott Paper Company” is actually in the same building as their previous place of employment.

At the Dunder Mifflin’s office, Charles Miner was under the impression that Andy was a soccer fan because he noticed soccer pictures on his computer. Although he wasn’t really knowledgeable about the sport, Andy tried to make himself sound more informed on the subject to appeal to his boss. Jim got himself into an even stickier situation, as he led Charles to believe than he played soccer and a match was arranged for the end of the day. Jim’s strategy to appear skillful was to touch the ball as little as possible and praise teamwork. His strategy did not pan out. When Charles kicked the ball in his general direction, Jim ducked and the ball hit Phyllis in the face. Dwight turned to him and knowingly questioned, “Yeah Jim, why would an experienced soccer player such as yourself duck at the very last moment?”

I predict that Michael’s new company will be a great success. Granted, when he was the boss of the Scranton branch he sometimes came across as foolish and incompetent, however, in his own way Michael is able to produce positive results. Although sometimes misguided in his efforts, it seems as though he really has good intentions. After all, when he worked for Dunder Mifflin, he had one of the top selling branches so he was called into corporate headquarters to divulge his winning formula. It will be interesting and entertaining to see how he gets the Michael Scott Paper Company up and running.

Funny moments of the week

Jim spoke to the camera and reflected on his past work performance, “I’ve never been a kiss-up, that was never how I operated. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if you really want to impress your boss you do mediocre work half-heartedly.”

While appealing to his nana’s investment club, Michael said “My mission is stated as follows, I will not be beat, I will never give up I am on a mission that is the Michael Scott guarantee.”

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jjccjc said...

I found this episode to be much funnier than the last few have been. I am glad for the creation of "The Michael Scott Paper Company" because it seems to have opened up a whole range of new possible avenues for comedy. Locating the office in the basement of Dunder Mifflin in close proximity to the plumbing drains is sure to bring many a comedic moment.