Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dastardly Dwight

Trying to get an edge back into the paper company, Michael asks Dwight for inside information on some of Dunder Mifflin’s clients. They arrange clandestine meetings for Dwight to hand over the secret intelligence, but to Michael’s great dismay, Dwight double crosses him and brings Charles along to their meeting. Charles tells Michael that he has to stop pestering Dwight for company secrets immediately. Trouble escalates when Dwight invites the employees of “Michael Scott Paper Company” out to lunch only to be a no-show. While they are away from the company at the restaurant, Dwight uses the opportunity to sneak into the “Michael Scott Paper Company” office and rob their possessions, while taking their client list and depositing a fish in the ceiling. Michael then proceeds to call Dwight on the phone to have him listen in as he obtains one of Dunder Mifflin’s top clients. In response, Dwight races over and barges in on Michael’s meeting. Its quite a change to see Dwight working against Michael, his “personal hero.”

I thought that Andy was far too gullible when Jim tells him that he was breaking up with Pam, due to the brief advice that Andy had provided. Especially when Jim says he is emotionally needy and he proceeds to cry on Andy’s shoulder. Andy has known Jim for quite some time. By now he should be used to Jim’s pranks, and a little more sceptical about Jim’s unusual actions.

After learning that Dwight has sabotaged the “Michael Scott Paper Company,” Michael tells Dwight that he will eat the sandwich that he had order for Dwight. Dwight says “And I knew you would do that. Their meatball parm is their WORST sandwich.”

“Paper is the MANURE! On time delivery is the SOIL!” This is Dwight’s reaction upon hearing Michael misquote him.

“Green means go, so I know to go ahead and shut up about it.” Michael’s explanation of his Rolodex system after Dwight makes a blunder and insults a client by reading off the back of one of the cards.

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jjccjc said...

Dwight's uncomfortable long sleeve shirt is only the beginning of the changes for Dunder MIfflin. That which made the company successful under Michael is being removed little by little. The unusual relationships between clients and staff under MIchael will prove to be what made the company profitable and the key to the rise of "The Micheal Scott Paper Company".