Sunday, April 26, 2009

Michael’s Merging Miracle

The coworkers of the “Michael Scott paper company” had to routinely wake up at 5:00AM, jump into an old van, and make their paper deliveries. Despite all of their painstaking efforts, a meeting with their accountant confirmed that they were losing money due to their unreasonably low prices and would soon be out of business. Michael got an ill-fated idea into his head, and he proceeded to call up all of their recent customers and ask for more money. They were all feeling down on their luck and Pam was lamenting the fact that she could not get a part time job on the side, but then Jim arrived with positive news. He informed them that David Wallace was willing to buy out the “Michael Scott Paper Company” because they were making a large dent into Dunder Mifflin’s client list. They agreed to meet with David, and through some tactful negotiation on Michael’s part, he managed to secure jobs for himself, Pam and Ryan too, despites David’s reservations in regards to hiring all three of them.

I predicted that the “Michael Scott Paper Company” would eventually merge with “Dunder Mifflin” however, I didn’t think that it would happen so soon! I thought that the writers would play with the idea of the two companies competing with one another for a while longer. Now that Michael will be reclaiming his old job it will be interesting to see how the dynamic has charged since Dwight, his former sidekick, has demonstrated that his allegiance to Michael is not steadfast. Also, Pam has been promoted to a sales job and Michael’s favourite man Ryan is back in the mix, these developments will likely have an impact on the office atmosphere at Dunder Mifflin.

Pam: “You didn’t happen to bring any coffee did you Michael?”
Michael: “Milk and sugar”
Pam: “Oh, awesome! You’re a lifesaver! Wait…is this just milk and sugar?”
Michael: “That’s what I said.”

Dwight: You don’t crack a case. That has a pejorative connotation, its like calling a policeman a cop. You solve a case!” Dwight then proceeds to tell Jim how he solve the case of the beet bandit as Charles looks on disapprovingly and eventually informs them "You two are morons."

David: “You’re talking about a multimillion dollar buyout. Your company cannot be worth that much.”
Michael: “Our company is worth NOTHING! That’s the difference between you and I”


Mimi said...

I just noticed that all your titles use alliteration. Rhetorically delicious!

jjccjc said...

I liked Jim's negotiating tactic of going to the "Michael Scott Paper Company" and telling them I am here to tell you that Dunder Mifflin wants to make a deal with you while finding out as little as possible about your company.