Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pancake Power

It turns out that “Michael Scott Paper Company” is actually located in a tiny room beneath the washrooms and every time the toilet flushes, they hear the unpleasant noise. Pam and Ryan have difficulty getting along so Michael designated them each a personal corner to sit in. Eventually, Pam got so frustrated with the set-up that she went up to Dunder Mifflin and asks Charles for her old job back, only to learn that the position has already been filled and she is not needed at Dunder Mifflin in any capacity. Michael held a pancake bunch to attract new clients. Turnout is quite low, but some of his former employees come over to see Michael in action. Creed takes a few of the paper shaped pancakes into his coat before tasting one and realizing they are yucky. Nevertheless, the pancake party is not a complete flop because Pam manages to meet a potential client at the party and afterwards he calls to place an order.

Meanwhile, at Dunder Mifflin, Jim is still facing difficulty in dealing with Charles. Jim was asked to compile a run-down, but he did not know what a run-down was and he was too intimidated to ask Charles to explain since he did not want to come across as a fool yet again.

His unfavourable interactions with Charles are likely making Jim reflect upon and further appreciate the dynamic he had with Michael when Michael was his boss. In time, I expect that Jim will leave Dunder Mifflin and join the “Michael Scott Paper Company”

Funny moments of the week

After securing their first sale, Michael remarked, “Who would have thought that the thing that would save this company would be work and pancakes”

The new receptionists name was also Kelly, so Kelly Kapoor, who is still sweet on Charles, took advantage of this fact, and every time that Charles called for Kelly, she appeared and said, “Yes Charles, you wanted me,” hoping that if she said this enough times he actually would want her. Jim remarked that, “its not the worst plan she has ever had”


jjccjc said...

I like the part when the potential client asks for a business card to contact "the Micheal Scott Paper company" and Pam answers they don't have business cards but she does have a little scrap of paper to write the phone number on. The new company can go no where but up. I look forward to the humour in the journey on the way.

Julia said...

I thought that part was funny too! I'm really enjoying the recent episodes now that the writers have switched things up by having Michael establish the new company.